Business of Drugs: poverty relief or tenaciously snap our society???

At present, production and selling of drug (e.g. YABA, PETHIDINE, HEROIN, GANJA (Hemp), PHENSEDYL etc) is a very profitable business in this world. Many people in all over the world involve with this business by investing money as a producer, manufacturer and seller of those harmful drugs. By this illegal business, any investor can take his/her investment with in few months. Everyone knows that, every illegal business can provide much money for any one!

Now these days the entire drug businessman likes to involve several types of people especially the poor man in their works for selling these products. Because poor man want to earn money to maintain their necessity of living and for this reason whichever this business is illegal or legal or harmful for the society and mankind that is not a big factor for them. In addition, it is true that, by involving this business, they can earn money, reduce their poverty and after sometimes, they would be an investor of this business, too! Though this is a profitable business for the businessman, what is the social impact? Those deathly drugs snap our society, country and the whole world! Now we are in a very sensitive situation. Drugs drag our society.

Day by day drug addiction has destroyed our youths. At present, it has reached in a critical position in whole world especially in developing and third world countries. Our youth groups are loosing their wealth, talent, intellectual spirit and retentive power for to do well by addicting to drugs. However, everyone knows about it and the evil consequence of drug addiction but a big total of youth groups everyday fall in the addiction of many names and kinds of drugs. Children are also fall in this circle of bad habits. This situation is not good for our world. If it is continued in future, many nations will lose their talent and quality to do good works. They bereave everything, because Youths are the wealth of a nation for future doing.
Businessman especially the producer, manufacturer, seller of deathly drugs, should realize that it will be too much harmful for their children and family members who are live in the danger point being drug addicted. Their profitable business can push their family members, friends and relatives in the deathly circle of drugs. In these days, they enjoy their super profitable business of harmful drugs by destroying our several ages people specially youths, but are they think about their families? How they protect their family members, friends and relatives when they are in the mine of harmful drugs, which are easy to get to them?

Thus, it should be took immediate action to save our youths from tenacious snap of Drugs addiction. Our youths are our wealth and fortune, so it is our (every people including every youth) unavoidable duty to protect them from any kind of detrimental element. This is the time to start the Anti Drug Addiction Movement in all over the world. In every state, city, district, sub district, village, every small and big area of every country should start this movement. We should aware our people, families-societies, and drug businessmen about the ferocious and deathly snap of drugs addiction and take immediate action to stop this business and production.


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